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The Different Ways to Explain Back Pain If there is radiating pain in your leg and arm, this can be due to poor posture or a sedentary lifestyle that you have because this can make the muscles around the spine to get weak. This would cause an increase pressure on the discs and the spine that could result to pressure on the nerves resulting to radiating pain. This can be treated by proper posture and through doing spinal muscle strengthening exercises. When there is a period flare up of lower back pain or the neck pain then you could have those recurrent symptoms in situations where the pain’s root cause is not addressed or corrected. The pain could begin by going down the limbs and could give a tingling sensation that feels like pins and also needles on the limb. In some occasions, you could feel like the affected limb is a lot weaker or heavier as compared to the one which is not affected. The treatment should be to correct your posture and avoid staying in just one posture for hours and you also need to take frequent breaks and go for spinal muscle strengthening. When the walking pattern has changed because of lower back pain, this can be a symptom of slipping discs of the vertebral column. A really common indicator of such is the gait is stooped or crooked that would happen because of the reason that your isn’t able to bear the weight on just one side. A severe muscle weakness which is caused because of increased pressure on the nerves can lead to muscle weakness and also a condition which is known as foot drop. If you are suffering from foot drop, then you could drag your feet while you walk. Sciatica or obesity could be the reasons for this. If you have severe pain or an altered sensation in your legs or you have motor weakness or it is difficult for you to walk, then you must visit the doctor.
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You must know that the upper back pain can lead to poor posture, degenerative spine among the elderly and also chronic muscle tension. The poor posture is one common result of upper back pain which would take place if you are going to sit for long hours in front of the computer. The upper back pain can also develop from unrelated condition like cardiac issues or the acid reflux. This can also result to muscular irritation or joint dysfunction. You should take a break from the desk and stretch your muscles to deal with the pain.
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You shouldn’t suffer from back pain for a long period of time. What you must do is that you should see the right person so that you will be able to take care of the problem at once.

Writen by Bradford Todd