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Types Of Malpractices Found In Medical Profession A medical malpractice is where a medical professional has failed to deliver according to their obligation causing patients injury. The malpractice is as a result of doctor’s inattention leading to dire mistakes. The action is considered negligence if indeed the practitioner acted differently from how the rest of the medics could have done if in the same situation. An example of a malpractice is when a patient attendant gives different drugs to a patient from what was initially prescribed by a medical expert. Surgical practices form the largest percentage of negligence and malpractice cases. A surgical doctor may perform a wrong surgery from a different organ than the intended one. Some surgical doctors have intentionally forgotten tools of surgery inside patients bodies after medical operation. Some practices may not reach the level of being considered to be malpractices. There is a lot of consultations and fact checking done to reach a conclusion whether a practice is a malpractice There are different forms of malpractices in the medical profession. Medical chart mistakes are malpractices where a nurse or a physician makes an inaccurate recording on a medical chart that causes errors in the preceding treatment. Examples of such mistakes are incorrect medicines and illegal medical procedure. The result to this is unprecedented effects and health consequences.
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Other malpractices that are obvious in the medical profession are incorrect prescription. The doctor gives medicines that don’t match the disease, and the pharmacist gives wrong drugs for a correct illness. The doctor may fail to put into account the drugs the patient is taking, administering other medications that might mix causing severe effects. The consequences stem from the doctor failing to look into the medical history of the patient.
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Wrong anesthesia by anesthesiologists is an ordinary happening in the surgery rooms. Anesthesia keeps the patient off the whole surgical session and a wrong one may result in compromising the operation by the patient waking up. The doctors may fail to make a correct diagnosis for a certain disease or even delay the diagnosis which gives the disease time to spread to acute levels. Cancer patients are the ones most affected if the doctor delays the diagnosis. During birth, the medical practitioners may perform wrong practices which become worse for mothers and the babies. Childbirth practices results in the death of the child or the mother and cam cause harm to the body organs. The cases are extraordinarily costly to the insurance companies. Most of these cases end up in the courts of law where the patient seeks compensation for the harm done to them during birth. In cases where the parties cannot agree on a settlement sum, the jury in the court decides the case. Other cases of gross misconduct and negligence results to revocation of the doctor’s medical license.

Writen by Bradford Todd