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Drug and Testing Workplace Policy and What Should Be Considered

Workplaces that are safe and serene for employees are desirable workplaces. An environment that is free from injury also attracts the right kind of staff to work for the company. Drug and testing policy makes workplaces safe for everyone and it is a modern approach to health and safety in the workplace. If you are looking to start a drug and testing policy for your workplace, you are not late. If you are considering to start a workplace drug and testing policy, the following considerations are beneficial for you.

A drug and testing workplace policy should be short and concise. Lengthy policy are most likely not to be read, while short policies that do not capture the essence of why it was started does not make sense. Consider handing over hard copies of the policy for employees to read and understand.

The main reason why the policy is being put in place should be explained. Employees need to understand the adverse effects of drugs to their lives and in the work place and this should be given to them in hard copy as well as explained to them. The various drugs that are harmful in the workplace should also be listed to them in the policy as well their effects.

Consider including the following details in the drug and testing workplace policy. The start date of the policy should be given and when employees will be tested, how they will be tested and the consequence of both positive and negative tests. Future drug tests should be explained and how they will be conducted.

Employees in a workplace are most likely to resist policy changes in a work environment. If you would want for the changes not to be resisted, gradually introduce the policy.

How the policy will affect and be effected to new employees should be explained. Current employees should be informed if they will be tested and how it will be done. Intimation of drug tests in future should be detailed and explained.

Consider informing employees what drugs are harmful, their specific names and their street names and the effect they have. Detailed drug abuse description and awareness should include what the signs and symptoms of using specific drugs look like.

How the workplace intends to conduct drug tests is important information for the employees. There are workplaces that outsource clinics and those that prefer to buy their own equipment. Whatever you decide on is not important but informing the employees is. To check available products and to get started on creating a policy click here.

Writen by Bradford Todd