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Five Main Signs That You Are Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction, otherwise known as ED or impotence is one of the most stressful things that a man can suffer in his lifetime. Suffering from impotence is both frustrating and embarrassing and it can impact greatly on a person’s sex life and romantic relationships. It is a fairly common condition, however, and affects one in five men in the USA. Older men are more at risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction, though all men can be affected by it, as a result of many different physical and psychological factors. Having a one off erection failure should not be a cause for alarm, but exhibiting the following symptoms may indicate that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. As the name suggests, one of the key symptoms of erectile dysfunction is failure to get an erection. Failing to get an erection during times of sexual activity is more significant. Not getting erections at all, even in normal times like in the morning may also point to erectile dysfunction. Despite this, failure to get an erection in one isolated incident should not be a cause for alarm. The problem is when the failure is prolonged over a period of time and under different circumstances. Another major symptom that goes hand to hand with failure to get an erection is failure to maintain that erection over a sufficient amount of time. A major warning sign for erectile dysfunction therefore is not being able to maintain an erection for enough to engage in meaningful sexual activity. The symptoms may be summarized as; not being able to get an erection and it you do get one, it is weak and does not last. As with the other symptoms, the frequency of occurrence of this symptom is a major determinant of whether the condition is actually erectile dysfunction.
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The inability to get an ejaculation is another symptom. It is not possible to have an ejaculation without a proper erection. All the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are all closely intertwined. A weak erection coupled with the inability to have an ejaculation is a major symptom of erectile dysfunction. For the inability to ejaculate to be considered a sign for impotence, it has to happen frequently and consistently.
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Another sign for erectile dysfunction is a painful erection. Having a painful erection means that one abandons the sexual activity all together so as to avoid the pain. A painful erection, though it may be a sign for other medical conditions, can also be taken as a sign for erectile dysfunction. Another sign of erectile dysfunction is reduced sexual desire. Sexual arousal is very psychological and when that desire is lacking, it may be an indication of impotence.

Writen by Bradford Todd