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Getting Your Child Off the Diapers with 3 Days of Potty Training When you learn that in just three short days, your child’s potty training can be completed, you would definitely do anything to accomplish that objective. And no, you read it right; you can do it in three days. When it comes to putting up with this task that makes things unbearable for many people, you can now accomplish it during the end of the week when you have nothing much to do. But before you can start with the training, you are going to need some important things. The most important thing you need to make sure of is that nothing will disturb you for three whole days. Most schedules are free from Friday to Sunday so you might want to pick this too if the same schedule applies in your situation. You want the kiddie pots to be closer so that dashing to it will not be something you are required to do when the child has to go. You also need to have lots of things for your child to eat and drink. They will go more often if they also eat and drink more. The first thing you want to do is to remove the lower clothes of your child after waking. Immediately, make your child go sit in the kiddie toilet. You should praise your child and give them a reward whenever they are successfully able to use the potty. Don’t be mad if there is an accident.
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After every half an hour, try to make your child seat on the kiddie toilet again. Your child will have to go more often the more they eat. Do the process again before you put your child to nap. Using diapers is still okay as long as your child is sleeping but remove it when he wakes up.
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During your second day, do the same things you did during the first day. This time however, try going out of the house for about an hour long and just play around. You just need to remember that you cannot leave the house without your child making use of the potty trainer. This will show that when your child is told to go use the kiddie toilet, they can. A loose pair of pants would be the ideal wear when you go out and don’t make your child wear any diaper or underwear. This will make your child not want to go to the rest room with their pants on. Accidents can still happen but you need to stay patient. On the third day, just continue with the things you did in the last couple of days but go out twice this time. When the third day is over, your child has also been able to master the potty practice. From this point on, all you have to do is repeat the process as often as you can.

Writen by Bradford Todd