Who Benefits from Red Rock Canyon School

Many parents begin to notice that their teenagers change once they reach that age. Some of them are just seeking more independence; however, others are engaging in behaviors that are detrimental to themselves. As a result, parents decide that they need to intervene and that they want to see more at the Red Rock Canyon School. Before they begin to conduct research, they often like to gain a sense of whether or not this program is right for their teenagers’ needs. They should discuss the issues their teenagers are facing with specialists from the school since that is the only 100 percent accurate way to reach an answer to this inquiry. However, they can consider the features that many youngsters at this institution share.

A number of them are suffering from mental afflictions that have caused them to act out in a variety of troubling ways. They may have experienced extreme emotional abuse from their peers at school, or they may have a mental illness that has gone undiagnosed for their entire lives thus far. As a result, they are beginning to feel pent up emotions. Some of them hurt themselves because of this behavior; for example, they may cut their skin with sharp blades. Others begin to take their frustrations out on their family members or friends. They may act abusive toward their family members, or they may constantly get into fights at home. The girls tend to engage in more behaviors that hurt themselves, and the boys tend toward behavior that hurts others. However, that does not mean exceptions exist to each category.

Also, many of the young people here have used drugs and alcohol, and it is generally to the level of abuse. Some of them are looking for ways to rebel against their parents and the institutions that they feel have bound them. Others are looking for an escape route, and they believe that drugs and alcohol provides that solution to their troubles. Some of them may have fallen victim to peer pressure one to many times. All of these factors unite the young people of Red Rock in their troubles, but they also unite them in finding a solution.

Writen by Bradford Todd