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What Is MDMA? To be educated on the possible complications and risks and use that info to be safer and more responsible is among the most important things when you are taking drugs of any kind. But what’s sad is that, majority of what we were taught of about drugs from public education campaigns or schools are fear based or, in support of abstinence instead of harm reduction and education. So here in this article, I have decided to list the important MDMA harm reduction information. This substance is being used widely among colleges and universities whether you believe it or not. One of the hardest in explaining MDMA use is the fact that in most cases, people have no assurance that what the drug they are taking is actually, MDMA. And just a quick example, it isn’t that common for Methylone be sold as MDMA or for other stimulants be mixed with it. In reality, this is one of the things that made the purchasing of drugs dangerous because there’s no chance for you to verify the identity of what you’ve bought.
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In an effort to verify the drug’s identity, it is best that you buy a testing kit. Basically, this is a collection of solvents that could be dripped to small samples and the resulting change in color helps you in identifying what type of substance you are taking. There are a handful of stores where you can buy these testing kits but to be safe, look for the ones that are a member of harm reduction organization.
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It is highly advisable that you take quarter dose of it or approximately 20 to 30 mg before you take a full dose of any drug for the first time. This is actually referred as Allergy Test. The main reason for this is that, a small portion of our population has deficiency in liver enzyme involved in the processing of MDMA as well as other types of drugs. This is also called as fatty liver disease and goes undiagnosed quite often. Impaired metabolism of the MDMA usually lead to stronger effects at dosages that are normal for others and chances for overdose or overheating is increased. Pure MDMA comes with better safety profile than alcohol, cannabis or tobacco, which is the reason why it is rather safer substance. Nonetheless, integral points that have to be discussed surround the risks of MDMA consist of dehydration, over-hydration and overheating. Both death and serious harm as a result from MDMA use are rare in line to how much this is used. Overdoses can and will occur but, there are several complications of MDMA use are usually preventable situational factors.

Writen by Bradford Todd