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Detection Period of Cannabis in a User’s System

Typically, there are an enormous number of persons seeking the answer of how long weed stays in a consumers’ body.All things considered, you cannot be able to tell the exact time.This is as a result of the detection period being determinant to some elements like frequency of consumption, dosage, mass, exercise along metabolic rate and the kind of drug test carried out on the user.

Conversely, it is worth noting that detection period of cannabis can be longer.For example, a one-off user can test positive after consuming weed after ten days. But then, for regular weed consumers, the detection period could be five weeks.

Any drug test carried out by doctors to test the availability of cannabis in a consumer’s system may vary. This disparity comes because each drug test is either looking for THC concentration in the system or THC elements.Although THC has several compounds, many drug test checks for a THC compound known as THC-COOH. This is as a result of it being the only compound that resides in the body tissues for some time.

The good thing is that scholars have come up with verified detection periods of marijuana in an individual. Without further ado, below are some of the drug test that doctors used to check the availability of cannabis in a human body and the time weed stays in a consumer’s system.

The first test that doctors use to detect weed in a user’s body is the saliva test. Once a person smokes, inhales or eats cannabis, both THC levels and its metabolites will still be present in saliva after a while.Active THC can be detected in a consumer’s body from as little as four hours in saliva. After 24 hours following consumption of weed, the THC metabolites usually fades away.For frequent weed users, weed will be detected after three days.

The second drug test used to detect marijuana is the blood test. It takes a few minutes for weed to be absorbed into the blood.For this reason, blood analysis looks for the presence of THC and its metabolites. If you are an irregular consumer, weed will remain noticeable in the blood between 12 and 24 hours after consumption, but for chronic users, cannabis compounds can stay in their system up to seven days after consuming weed.

A urine test is the third drug test commonly used by doctors to test the presence of weed since it checks for the presence of THC-COOH, a hydrophobic compound that stays in the body for long thus its extended detection period. A person who does not consume weed regularly may show signs of weed in their system after two days of taking weed. On the other hand, heavy weed consumers may test positive even after 90 days.

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