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When Exactly Should You Go For A Slap Tear Surgery? If you are feeling a sharp pain or weakness on your shoulder, it might be a slap tear. If you are not familiar with slap tear, it is an injury that originates from the glenoid labrum of the shoulder. The word slap is an abbreviation for ‘Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior’ which refers to a cartilage that covers your shoulder socket. It is not easy to know if you are suffering from Slap, although one of the commonest types of shoulder injuries. One of the earliest signs of a slap tear is a popping or clicking sound that occurs in your shoulder. The sound often comes with a sharp pain that is experienced whenever you try moving your arms. This pain will last for some time, after which it may transform to a stiff shoulder that makes it hard to move your arm freely. This stiffness will last for a few days before developing into an aching pain that is difficult to exactly locate where it is coming from. In severe extents, this pain may be very sharp making it difficult for you to sleep. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, chances are that you may be suffering from a slap tear. Slap tear injuries are best handled by qualified medical practitioners. This is because qualified experts will always make sure that a patient undergoes thorough assessment to determine the actual disease before they give a treatment. The initial diagnosis process sees the doctor move your arm gradually in different directions to determine the source and intensity of the pain.
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In case the source of the pain is not clear after the first diagnosis process, your doctor may request that you undergo an x-ray to make sure that there is no other cause of discomfort. A doctor normally checks for shoulder fracture, osteoarthritis, a rotator cuff injury, or shoulder tendinitis, which usually share the same symptoms as a slap tear. If after the x-ray, the source of the pain is still not clear, the doctor will conduct an MRI arthogram. This is a process in which a dye is injected into your shoulder before an MRI scan is done so as to make the labrum tissue more visible. The doctor can also use an arthoscopic surgery to locate slap tear and determine the extent of the damage.
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Even after you have been diagnosed with a slap tear, your doctor will determine whether you need a surgical or non-surgical approach in treatment. If it is a minor case, the doctor will use anti-inflammatory medicine, a physical therapy, and advise you to take lots of rest. On the other hand, if you are to undergo surgery, your doctor will decide on a type of surgery such as arthroscopy, that is normally less intrusive compared to open surgery and is also considered as the leading option for treating slap tear injuries.

Writen by Bradford Todd