What to Look for in Senior Home Care

When choosing Senior Home Care, it can be difficult to know which of the many agencies really provide the best service. It is a very individual thing, so the senior should be involved in the decision as much as possible. Ask any senior care provider a couple of simple questions to make sure they are up to the job. Many senior care providers are part of a large agency, and this means that dozens or even hundreds of different care providers work there as well. Ask if the care provider will usually be the same person. Consistency can be important for a lot of seniors. They may have lost some of the things they treasured most, for example their ability to drive and to get out on their own, so keeping some consistency can mean a great deal.

Another good question to ask is “How much care is actually available?” The senior caregiver should be able to give you a detailed list of the services available. Some caregivers will do things like giving baths and diaper changes while others will only work as a companion. Some caregivers are able to do light cooking and some housekeeping while others don’t offer any type of home services beyond care for the individual.

If the senior who requires in home care needs to go to doctor’s appointments or other places, ask the senior caregiver whether they are able to provide transport. Many caregivers will do so, whether in their own vehicle or in the vehicle belonging to the senior they care for. In some cases, a senior does not need a great deal of physical care but is more in need of a companion. In cases like this, it is especially important that you choose the right match in terms of personality. Some seniors need a friend as much as they need a caregiver.

It may be necessary to bring in a couple of different potential caregivers to see how the senior interacts with each. Even if a person is very quiet or non verbal, body language will usually reveal whether they are truly comfortable and at peace around a certain potential caregiver.

Writen by Bradford Todd