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What Is Mental Health Counseling? There are times when even the strongest, fittest and bravest person you have ever known flounder sometimes. There are even times when we feel lonely when we do not even know why and we feel like nobody ever understands us even our own self. Since this type of feeling and pressure can be usually handled in time, there is no need to panic when you feel this way. But sad to say, other people become so down that they find themselves so down and they can not recover by themselves. Hence, these people need counseling for their mental health. For over centuries, the concept of ‘counseling’ has already been existing and it describes the need of a certain person for help and advice from others. But in broader sense, counseling is the process of helping a person resolve his or her mental issues that are often related to social and work matters. Hence, being the problem solver becomes the primary role of the counselor. A counselor may give direct advice to his or her patients or just simply give guidance non-directly just as long as the patient will be able to make balanced decisions as a result. Psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, pastoral counselors and even social workers are the various types of mental health counselor. Those who deal and help with those people who have severe disorders such as eating disorders, learning disabilities, anxiety and depression are called clinical psychologists. Usually working with teams, these people offer mental health assistance. On the other hand, counseling psychologists are those who deal with daily-life issues. There are also these medical doctors called psychiatrists. Normally, psychiatrists have both psychological degrees and medical degrees and they can treat their patients through prescription medication, counseling therapy or a combination of the two.
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Psychiatry usually involves medications like antidepressants while psychology is in trying to help a patient change his or her behavior with no help of any drugs. Those that can be found in out-patient facilities or hospitals are called clinical social workers. Normally, problems relating to a person’s social life and situation are what this type of counselor concentrate on. Pastoral counselors, on the other hand, are those who are experts in theology and psychology. They try to help and give people spiritual and religious guidance to help them resolve their psychological problems.
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To be able to help those who are suffering from psychological problems, mental health counseling is the best help they can get. It is best to find help from a guidance counselor if there is the presence of psychological problems since these are not contagious diseases. For the good of their own health and to have a brighter future, people who are suffering from any psychological issue should never feel embarrassed or afraid that they need or have undergone mental health counseling.

Writen by Bradford Todd