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Handling SLAP Lesions Most people may get injured on their shoulders that are the most complex joint in their body. SLAP stands for Superior Labral Anterior Posterior, which is usually a shoulder injury affecting the labrum to be more specific. When one gets an injury on the labrum, their shoulder stability level is reduced which is where SLAP tear surgery comes in handy. Extreme throwing energies are required in sports such as cricket, baseball, and javelin as they are competitive therefore putting athletes in risk of injuring their labrums. The athletes may strain on the field since they keep on throwing on a frequent basis that may cause further damage to the shoulder joint. Doctors or medical specialists experience a hard time when diagnosing SLAP lesions as some in cases, patients do not experience any pain. Due to this reason, multiple tests are conducted in order to test for SLAP lesions. Treatment procedures used in handling SLAP lesion include physical therapy in addition to rest. Strength of the shoulder joint can be restored by resting and having physical therapy. Arthroscopic surgery is the alternative used when physical therapy and rest do not work on a patient suffering from SLAP lesions. After the surgery is carried out, the patient is given a healing period of a couple of weeks or months depending on the severity of their case. Some cases even go up to three months or more in order to ensure the joint tissue heals completely. During this period, the patient is advised against delving into activities that involve throwing anything and to have complete rest. Complete healing assures athletes of playing those sports again as they face no difficulty in throwing.
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Decreased throwing strength, weakness, pain as well as experiencing clicking sensation when moving the shoulder are some of the common symptoms. Some people even have trouble sleeping due to the extreme amount of pain they may be facing when tears on top of the lab-rum occur. Paying a doctor a visit when experiencing the above symptoms is the wisest move one should make in order to prevent more problems from occurring. Mild cases of SLAP tears may be treated by therapists using ice on their shoulders, anti-inflammatory medicine as well as advising them to rest and avoid participating in throwing sports.
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Accidents may also cause a SLAP tear to occur among patients who fall on their hands when they are outstretched. When patients have SLAP lesions, therapists may use ice packs on their shoulders a process referred to as ice therapy. The swelling as well as pain on the patients’ shoulders can be reduced by massaging their shoulders using the ice packs. Surgery is usually approached as a backup treatment procedure for those who don’t recover from physical therapy.

Writen by Bradford Todd