What Happens When You Get a Cavity?

No one wants to learn they have a cavity. When a cavity develops in your tooth, you may not be aware of it right away because your tooth is enclosed in a protective shell called the enamel. This tough shell helps to protect the soft inner tissues of your tooth and your nerve. It is not until these have been breached, that you will begin to feel pain and other symptoms. As a cavity progresses, it will invade all of the structures of your tooth and can cause massive damage and eventual tooth death. If you suspect you may have a cavity, it is imperative you seek dental care right away. The sooner your dentist treats your cavity, the less damage your tooth will experience.

How Does the Dentist Treat Your Cavity?

To treat your cavity, the dentist will first need to make sure you feel no pain. This is accomplished through the use of Novocaine injections. This prevents the nerve from sending pain signals, so you feel completely comfortable during the entire procedure.

The dentist will first need to work on removing as much of the decay as possible. Removing decay helps to protect your tooth from further damage. The removal process involves the use of a special dental drill. This removes all of the decayed tissue in the tooth but leaves behind openings.

To treat the openings left behind, the dentist will fill your tooth with a special filling material. This can be made from resin, porcelain and metal alloys, depending on your needs. The dentist will smooth the filling material deep into your tooth to seal off the nerve. This not only prevents pain in your tooth, but also makes it more stable.

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Writen by Bradford Todd