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How to Open a Massage Therapy Business A massage therapy business can be a promising venture for any entrepreneur. If you have no professional background in a related discipline, you have to partner with someone who does, such as a chiropractor, orthopedic doctor or a massage therapist. Here are steps to get you started: 1. Make a list of services you plan to offer. What particular types of massage therapies should your clients expect you to provide? As you make your list, you will have to start looking out for qualified therapists for the different positions you’ll be opening. Remember that clients are always looking for quality, so don’t skimp around this part. Hire only qualified therapists.
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2. Find a commercial space or contract your services.
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Licensed massage therapists usually either open their own massage spa or contract with another massage spa or a health professional. The latter is actually a good way to start things off, and once you’ve built a good customer base, you can open your own space. Pricing local retail locations will help you computer your startup expenses. 3. Choose a catchy and well-fitting business name. Prepare a list of a few names and check if they have a match with any existing businesses within your local business registry. Get your best-sounding, no-match option and get it registered. 4. File your incorporation documents. Check out the secretary of state or division of corporations website to find information on how to submit incorporation documents for your massage therapy business. Pick the most suitable structure for your case – limited liability, sole proprietorship or corporation – and find a lawyer to handle that. 5. Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Go to the Internal Revenue Service website and look for their EIN application page. There are two reasons you need to get this number – so you can hire workers and open a business checking account. You can have do neither without an EIN. 6. Find financing opportunities. If you plan to open a retail location, visit the Small Business Administration website to find lenders who can give you a small business loan. A written business plan and pro forma statement will often be required by business loan lenders, plus down payment of 10% to 40% down and possibly collateral. 7. Get insured. Get in touch with a licensed insurance agent and ask what type of coverage you’ll need for your massage therapy business, both against malpractice and liability. Also inquire about your options for health and dental benefits for your employees. 8. Prepare to market your massage therapy business. Create a budget for marketing, which is an essential part of any business, especially when you’re starting out. However, you must also be careful and avoid overspending. Some marketing methods proven effective are creating a website, setting up your profile on social media, and distributing flyers and business cards (this may seem too old-fashioned, but it has always worked for local businesses).

Writen by Bradford Todd