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Essential Oils and The Things That You Have to Know About Them Essential oils have been around for as long as we can remember. We can use it in so many things by inhaling or applying it to the affected area. Because of the fact that these oils are already very common and being used by almost everybody, many of us think that there is no particular set of knowledge that we must have if we want to use it. Because of this mindset, there were so many cases in the past where the essential oils caused more harm than good. Here we are going to tell you everything that you have to know so that you would be able to use these powerful botanicals the right way. Before anything else, let us first define essential oils. We know that there are so many kinds of essential oils and they are liquids that have been extracted from different kinds of organic materials. These organic materials can produce extract that have a lot of medicinal properties and few examples of them are the roots, berries, twigs, flowers, and seeds. There are so many ways in which you can extract oil from these materials.
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Among the most famous ones is what we call the steam distillation. In this method, pressurized steam will be passed through the material. Because there is enough heat, the oils will then evaporate out. Because the oil have to be skimmed off from the mixture that is made of both steam and water, the process of condensation is to be applied. Not all of the plant materials that can yield essential oils are suitable for the process of steam distillation because some of them are too fragile. This is why there is another method in which a particular solvent will be used. Among the most famous examples of these plants are the orange blossom, rose, and jasmine. Oils extracted using this process are what we call absolutes. They are used mainly for fragrance because they have solvent residue which makes them unsuitable for topical use. The third process that we are going to talk about here is what we call the carbon dioxide extraction. These oils are also absolutes but what sets them apart from the previous one that we talked about is the fact that the pressurized carbon dioxide makes it possible for the solvent to get rid of all the harmful residue. Therefore, the thicker oil that is known for its aroma can be used for topical purposes. And of course, there is a method that makes use of grinding and pressing. Another very important thing that you have to be aware of is the fact that these essential oils don’t have indefinite shelf lives. This is why you need to utilize them before it is too late.

Writen by Bradford Todd