Understanding The Importance Of Wrist Wraps And Weightlifting

Weightlifting is a very popular way to workout and stay fit. You yourself probably lift weights every once in a while. Although there are many avid gym goers who lift every so often, there are many more who focus extensively on weightlifting. Weightlifting is somewhat of an art and a sport at the same time. It requires a lot of skill, technique, strength, and focus. Lifting too much weight, or lifting weight the wrong way, can be very harmful to you. This brings us to the need for wrist wraps and how important they are too lifters.

One of the main reasons for lifting weights is to get stronger. Lifters spend hours in the gym working to increase the amount of weight they can handle. Although this can benefit their muscles it can also hurt them. Lifters turn to weight lifting wrist wraps for added protection. Just how does something as simple as a wrap around the wrist provide protection?

Exercises, such as deadlifts, bench presses, or power cleans, require a lot of work from all parts of your body. Although all of these exercises target different muscle areas, what’s one thing they all have in common? The answer is your hands and wrists. These exercises can do a number on your wrists if you aren’t careful. This is why the wrist wrap is used to protect yourself.

Wraps are placed securely around the wrist several times. Lifters use powerlifting wrist wraps to avoid having their wrist move while pushing and pulling. Most of these exercises require wrists to remain perfectly straight in order to have movements properly executed. With your wrists protected you can safely perform your power lifts.

Powerlifters should be weary about constantly using wrist wraps for every weightlifting exercise. Although wrist wraps are meant to help protect your wrists, they can be doing you a disservice with constant use. Constantly wearing your wraps can cause your wrist wraps powerlifting efforts to suffer. Your wrists will actually become weaker over time. This is why it’s advised that you only use wraps when you are lifting heavy weights. By only using your wraps for heavy lifting you’re allowing your wrists to grow stronger.

Writen by Bradford Todd