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Eye Droppers: The Bane of Dry Eyes Are you experiencing eyes that are very dry, gritty, or irritating? If you happen to have these kinds of issues then you most likely have a condition called dry eye and do not worry because this is actually a common condition and anyone can become affected by this as a matter of fact. It is important to know that this type of syndrome can occur anywhere in the world but it happens most commonly in areas that happen to be either very windy, dust, or dry. When you have dry eyes this basically means that you are not able to produce tears or enough tears which means the lacrimal system which is what produces the tears is not working properly. There is a lot of different kinds of reasons why this is happening such as the fact that lipid layer that is over the tear film is not enough and this will be created by your meibomian glands. There is a lot of different kinds of factors that you will have to keep into mind with dry eye such as the fact that an eye dropper can really help you out and a malfunctioning lacrimal gland can mean several factors.
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The first aspect to think about if you are experiencing dry eyes is that your lacrimal gland maybe being attacked by an autoimmune disease called sjogren’s syndrome and this is a syndrome that will cause the antibodies to attack your lacrimal glands preventing it from producing enough tears for your eyes.
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If you are above the age of forty five then another possible cause for your dry eyes is the fact that you may actually be going through menopause. So when you have menopause there is a lot of different types of reasons why you could actually end up getting this condition and one of them is the fact that menopause reduces your ability to circulate the androgen levels within your body and this can affect your ability to produce enough tears. Different kinds of medicines like anti depressants, anti cholinergic medicines, allergy medicines, drugs for anti psychotic issues, beta blockers, and also benzodiazepines can make it more difficult for your eyes to produce the right amount of tears possible which means you will need to be using eye droppers to help with your dry eyes. Another factor that you will have to keep into mind is the fact that the tears are evaporating too fast which is causing you to have dry eyes which means you will mostly likely have to use an eye dropper. Some of the conditions that can cause this kind of dry eye will include meibomian gland dysfunction, acne rosacea, skin disorders, posterior blepharitis, and anterior blepharitis and that is everything you will need to know about dry eyes.

Writen by Bradford Todd