Top Tips : How to Clean Silver

SilverSilver is a precious item that needs to be maintained his appearance so as not to go down in value. This article from Southwestern Jewelry provides guidance cleans silver and silver jewelry.


Wearing toothpaste is a quick and easy to polish silver. Choose a regular toothpaste that does not contain special materials because these materials may react too hard.


Powder mix baking soda, water, and salt can be used to create a cleansing solution of silver utensils. Silver utensils soak in the solution for getting the brilliant silver utensils. With this mixture, enough silver utensils do not need to be soaked and scrubbed making it suitable as a way to clean silver rings or trinkets complicated.

Baking Soda Powder

Mix a little baking soda powder and water as needed until you get a thick cream. Apply this mixture on silver, then rinse with warm water.

Key Points

  1. Storing utensils made of silver in the long run it makes a quick fade-often wear
  2. You can create a special solution to wash silverware by mixing salt, baking soda powder and water
  3. Always dry the silver with a clean towel and fibrous fine not to scratch the surface

Should I Use Products and Specialty Fabrics?

Ready-made products sold in the store is certainly very effective for cleaning silver, so its use is recommended. In general, you can buy silver polish and some additional equipment from jewelers to facilitate your work. One of the equipment you’ll need is a special cloth to clean jewelry or quality cotton. Use equipment that you are sure will not damage your silver utensils. In addition, always test the product to be used in a small area and not too visible in order to ensure no damage will occur.

Tips for Maintaining Fixed Silver Shine

Here are some practical tips while keeping the cleaning silver sheen:

  1. Often disposable equipment and polishing your silver regularly. Silver was not well kept and not used for too long, so remove it from storage.
  2. If you have no other choice and had to store silverware, silverware and utensils coated with olive oil before storing. This can prevent the colors fade or become dull.
  3. When washing cutlery made of silver, separate from other eating utensils and to use plastic buckets. Do not wash it in the sink is made of metal because of the risk to scratch the surface of silver.

Writen by Shannon