Tips to Choosing the Best Inversion Table to Meet Your Needs

An inversion table decompresses your spine and relieves back pain. However, many people do not know how to go about buying one, so here is a short guide to inversion tables.

Maximum Weight Allowance

Inversion tables are considered weight variable machines because they use the user’s weight to stretch the joints. Naturally, you need to consider to weight when looking for the inversion table you will need to buy. Some are equipped for higher weight than others, so it is something you need to consider.

Ease of Control

The inversion table that you will need to buy has to be controllable and have different angle options. Also, make sure that the frame can withhold your height as well as your weight, since the frame is the base of the inversion table with ankle straps to keep you inverted without falling on your face. Make sure you ankle platform is adjustable as well to accommodate for different feet size.

Supportive Back Pads

These are important, and can make your inversion ten times more comfortable. Focus on quality versus quantity too. Some inversion tables even offer some back pads that will allow you to be face-down while inverted. Some feature removable pads for different exercises as well. Make sure to find what you really want.

Motor or Manual Controls

Many typical economical tables are manual and the user moves themselves, however there is another option for an inversion table that can move the user with the flick of a switch. Vibration is also available for people that like to get e light massage while inverted to further ease back pain. Vibration pads are for the people that cannot always afford to go get a massage but has some back pain that they need to take care of.

Overall: Inversion tables are a personal choice and can be extremely beneficial to avid back pain sufferers who are tired of paying excruciating chiropractor bills and always taking pain pills. It is an investment, so make sure to pick the right one for you that will give you the benefit and satisfaction of easing your back pain. You can find information through researching a guide to inversion tables.

Writen by Bradford Todd