Tips On How To Use The Correct Corset

Women tend to do various ways to make the appearance becomes more interesting, one of them by using a corset. The corset is a kind of underwear tightly wrapped around the chest, abdomen, and hips so that the body looks more slender. Until now the use of the corset is still in demand, especially by those who have stomach problems sag because it can make the stomach look slimmer, smaller waist, hips, and chest can look more contained.

But in addition to making the appearance more attractive, the corset also has a bad effect when used in the long term. The corset should be used as needed and not used at all times. Indeed there has been no scientific research that states how long the corset may be used unless the use of a corset intended to support a broken bone or osteoporosis.

Here are the side effects of long-term use of a corset:

  1. The weakening of the muscles. One of the bad effects that corset caused when used for too long is to make the muscles become weak. When using a corset, the muscles in the body will work optimally and then will contract to follow the curve of a body that has been applied corset. The role of the muscles in the abdomen will be replaced by a corset that makes the muscles become weak. We recommend that the time spent in the use of the corset should be balanced. For example, using a corset for five hours then for the next five hours the body does not use a corset anymore. So that muscle function that was replaced by a corset to relax so that muscles were trained.
  2. Swelling of the legs. This is due to circulation of blood becomes inhibited because of the use of a long corset. The flow of blood from the limb to the heart will slow down. Not only legs, but legs can sometimes become immune.
  3. Respiratory disorders. If the use of corset only limited waste, breathing is not too problematic. But if the use of a corset reaches the chest certainly does not allow enough air to enter the lungs. When breathing the chest cavity will expand and the diaphragm will go down. But with the use of a tight corset, the movement should be free up and down to be inhibited. In addition, when breathing ribs will be difficult to move to the right, left, front and rear.
  4. Allergy to the skin. For people who have sensitive skin, ingredients used to make a corset are potentially allergic. The use of an old corset will make the body become hot and cause discomfort in the body.

After knowing the side effects of using a corset, now we can choose whether to keep wearing the corset over time or reducing the use of the corset. For those of you who want to buy a corset but lack confidence with your body shape try to see in and following tips and how to choose a corset so can still use the corset correctly:

  • Adjust the bodice with body size. The use of a corset that does not fit the size (too small or too large) certainly cause discomfort.
  • Expand the color choices so people will not notice that you are wearing a corset, especially if you are wearing a thin shirt of material.
  • Washing the corset by hand can make the corset last longer and allow the fabric to withstand from its stretch.

Another thing to keep in mind that the use of a corset is just a virtual illusion that makes the appearance of the stomach look slimmer. To eliminate fat and make the body slim permanently of course by keeping the intake of food and regular exercise so that not only slim get but also the body to be healthy.

So tips on how to use the correct corset, good luck and hopefully useful.

Writen by Anis Beckham