The Schools That Give Troubled Kids Hope

Adolescence can be a confusing time for any child, but for many it feels like a nightmare. The result is usually a troubled teenager who acts out, takes drugs, or worse. Recognizing this serious problem, some residential treatment centers function as schools dedicated to helping kids. Facilities like Red Rock Canyon School provide a welcoming environment, caring professional staff, and a range of treatment options.

Schools Offer Custom Treatments

The average child admitted to a school residential treatment center is between 14 and 17 years old. Many are using drugs to help them deal with painful life situations. Most boys are angry and can be verbally abusive. Girls may have eating problems, run away, or be promiscuous. However, students are not treated as typical “cases”. Caring staff evaluate their needs and design therapies that allow self-expression and build on strengths. Their goals are to give students’ hope and brighter futures. Positive philosophies, like the one highlighted in the Red Rock Canyon School Video, often draw parents’ attention. Many are at their wits end until they get professional help from the schools.

Students Learn to Value Themselves and Others

Teens enrolled in residential treatment centers work with therapists who get to the root of their self-destructive behaviors. Students learn better alternatives and healthy expression through sports, dance, art, music, and service projects. They are also placed in peer groups. As they interact with others, they learn to work as part of a team and help others. Teens also learn self-value through group contributions. Over time they make deep inner change that is reflected in changing behavior.

Rehab Helps Overcome Special Problems

Treatment centers are staffed by professionals who specialize in drug and alcohol rehab. They help students overcome dependencies and begin healing their psychological issues. Programs also include family counseling. Staff members encourage parental support and work toward reuniting families.

Kids who seem to lose their way during the teen years are often able to overcome problems through enrollment in residential treatment centers. Many of these are actually specialty schools focused on helping students and their families overcome a range of problems. Their programs include custom treatments, alcohol and drug rehab, and arts therapy.

Writen by Bradford Todd