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Post-surgery Benefits of Physical Therapy If you’ve ever gone through any type of surgery, your succeeding treatments probably included physical therapy. The benefits of physical therapy are many, and without them, the road to full recovery may be bumpier. We are all aware of the positive effects of exercise, both physically and mentally, even when it may come with some discomfort. Physical therapy’s effects on us are mostly similar – the release of endorphins, our feel-good hormones, is triggered. Endorphins bring a calming effect during overexertion, and this is very significant for someone who is trying to heal from surgery. Yes, having to move sore or stiff body parts after an operation may seem counterintuitive. But that’s exactly why endorphins have to be released.
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In most hospitals, patients who had surgery have to be able to care for themselves before they are discharged. Self-sufficiency is important before one’s return home. And the best way to hasten your homecoming is to comply with your physical therapist’s orders. Then easing yourself back into your normal routine will be much easier.
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Increased mobility is yet another benefit physical therapy offers. Your joints will be stronger and muscle tension will be reduced. Things can get uncomfortable in the beginning, but long-term relief will be worth it. In particular, physical therapy offers superior benefits for heart patients. Even after a heart attack, the organ’s muscle can still regain its strength, considering it is a muscle. Whatever your condition is, if your doctor has prescribed physical therapy, you can expect your therapist to teach you specific exercises and other techniques that will help you heal. There are times when you need to use equipment, and other times when you just use your own body. Physical therapists know what types of exercises you should do to improve your condition. These professionals can also define certain goals that must be attained once the treatment is done. They know to what extent they can push your body such that you can get back on your feet at the soonest possible time. The ultimate objective is to give you good health, not just physically but in all other aspects of your well-being. Physical therapy, however, is not limited to exercises that strengthen your joints and muscles. There are other methods, too, such as ice and heat application, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound. Of course, these are procedures that can only be performed by professionals. Strengthening of the core of the body is also vital. This core is similar to the foundation of a house, where a weak core would indicate a weak foundation. Finally, if a person’s core is weak, he becomes susceptible to injuries and chronic illnesses, especially if his weakness involves back and pelvic muscles.

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