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What You Need to Know About Treating ED If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you know that it’s an embarrassing and frustrating thing to experience. For the most part, the typical demographic of ED sufferers is middle-aged and older men. Yet, a growing number of younger man find themselves dealing with the issue as well. About one in four men report experiencing ED, suggesting that it is a far-reaching health problem that needs targeted action. If you go by the messages in your spam folder, you’d think ED is a simple problem that can be cured by any number of amazing pills. The reality of the situation is that fighting this disorder is a challenging task. The triggers and mechanisms behind it are sometimes hard to grasp, so making progress will require diligence and perseverance. Erectile Dysfunction Causes
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Erectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical and mental mechanisms. Some of the most common physical causes are excess body fat and diabetes. In general, the condition is caused by diminished blood flow to the shaft. Although the causes can be diverse, this detail is true in all cases. Without a sufficient amount of blood in the region, the erection isn’t strong enough to perform as needed.
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Smokers frequently find that they suffer from this condition. If sexual health is important to you and you’re a smoker, quitting should be a high priority — it can even lead to impotence if you don’t stop. Why does smoking cause ED? It leads to restricted blood vessels throughout your body, and, as noted above, blood circulation is crucial for strong erections. While this is not an issue that is deadly or especially dangerous for the sufferer’s body, it can take a mental health toll that shouldn’t be disregarded. A few improvements in lifestyle can easily lead to better sexual health in many cases. How to Treat ED Beyond the lifestyle issues mentioned above, there are more direct ways of handling ED, including pills and hormone treatment. Pills for ED Yes, those pills you see on TV commercials. These drugs are not available over-the-counter, so a trip to your doctor or other medical expert will be needed. While this can sometimes be a simple and effective solution, keep in mind that these medications are not always appropriate for some men with preexisting conditions. Treating ED With Hormones It’s also possible that you may have low levels of an androgenic hormone, especially testosterone. When that is the problem, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could be the solution you need. Dealing with ED is never easy, but there is hope for improving your condition with the right treatment.

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