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Why You Should Make Visits To The Dentist A Habit Most freshen their breath and remove dental plaque by brushing with fluoride toothpaste at least twice daily. Others regularly floss and/or gargle with mouth washes to prevent tartar build up between the teeth and under the gum line (and control or prevent halitosis). Many also abide by the advice of health experts to limit eating sugary or starchy foods between meals to lessen acids that could weaken dental enamel. Most believe these practices are adequate to prevent tooth loss and ward off other oral maladies. Even with these oral hygiene regimes, though, people are still susceptible to dental/oral problems as they age. In addition to proper oral health practices, therefore, it is important for an adult to visit the dentist regularly. The dentist is crucial for dental “preventive maintenance”. He carries out prophylaxis to remove dental stains and tartar build up that may have escaped an individual’s oral care routine. The dentist also arrests issues before these can become more severe; implementing necessary treatments to nip problems at the bud. The dentist helps find what causes a mouth or dental ailment and prescribes corresponding treatments. Oftentimes, dentists are the first health practitioners who determine the root cause of oral/dental conditions and initiate necessary treatment (or referral to other specialists when needed). They are can determine what is causing gum swelling (or gingivitis). Dentists also perform diagnosis of periodontal disease (and what caused it). Periodontitis is a more serious affliction (compared to gingivitis) as it not only causes tooth loss; it can also affect the jawbone and may lead to facial deformation. Usually, oral cancers are first diagnosed during routine dental check-ups. Dental check-ups also help find the treatment appropriate to correct temporomandibular (TMJ) problems like bite shifting and lock jaw. Dentists can also prescribe the right “appliance” to relieve strain caused by teeth-grinding or stop the grinding itself. Teeth-grinding not only erodes the sufferer’s teeth enamel; it can be bothersome to other people as well.
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People may have also had dental fillings in the past. A dental filling can deteriorate after eight years, allowing entry of food and bacteria (as brushing or flossing would not be able to dislodge the debris), thereby resulting to further weakening of the tooth structure. The dentist may have to replace the filling with a full crown and/or perform root canal treatment.
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Most people prefer to visit dentists they have known for some time. Some opt to visit dental health practitioners based on the recommendation of family or friends. Those seeking for help on dental care may also turn to internet listings that provide information for dentists, like contact details, professional qualification(s), accreditation, license, as well as expertise testimonials of satisfied clients.

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