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Here Are The Things That You Need to Know About Hair Transplants Hair transplantation is a surgical process that puts and moves hair follicles in the bald part of the body. Before considering having a hair transplant, there are some things that you need to know about: Hair transplant is not a cure for baldness. A hair transplant will not counteract the effect of hair loss. When there is little hair growing on your head, without using medication that would help in regrowing hair, then the hair transplant length could be the same and do not need to be stimulated in order for it to grow. How much is a hair transplant procedure?
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The cost of hair transplant actually depends on the the type of the baldness of a person. Hair transplantation is expensive and it would even cost more since there are some patients that needs another session so they could have a full and thicker hair.
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Here are the factors that the cost of hair transplant depends on: 1. Physician- This is the one who will do the surgery. 2. The surgical team- They are in charge in assisting the head physician. Location- This is where you could get the procedure done. Medical tourism now caters patients to travel to countries with cheaper hair loss procedures including hair transplants, grafts and FUE treatments. 4. The method of hair transplant- The cost of hair transplantation also depends on the method of the procedure. Below are the different methods of hair transplant: A. Strip method- the graft cost is between $3-6 per strip. B. The follicular unit extraction (FUE)- This procedure will take a lot of time. The price of the graft in this procedure is $5-12 per strip. People who have gone through the procedure would like another session so they could have a more thicker hair. They will use 3000 to 6000 grafts in this procedure in order for them to get good results. An estimate of the cost of the hair transplant procedure will amount to $3000 to $30,000. Anesthetic- There are times that this is not part of the procedure. Be sure to ask if anesthetic is included in the procedure. F. Post Surgery Support- After the hair transplant surgery, there might require 1 -2 follow up sessions so they could determine how the graft is taking to the scalp. Ask your physician if post consultations are included. Full medical examination should be done to the patient before having the hair transplant surgery. This may also include asking your doctor about the procedure and how it is to be performed with consideration to the medication involved after the procedure. However, not all hair transplant procedure could be successful and you may only know the results after nine months. Hair usually starts to grow after nine months since it takes time to adapt to its new environment and during this process the cell or tissues has the possibility not to survive. But so far, there are a lot of people who has good feed backs after their hair transplant.

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