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Here are the Common Health Issues for Older People Last week was International Older Persons Day and the number of older people that are in the world now are pretty amazing. Did you know that the number of older people will quadruple in the next fifty years, from 600 million to almost 2 billion. It shows that one in ten people is now sixty years of age or older. In the year 2050 it will become 1 in every 5 people. People are living longer because of their healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine which combat some of the major illnesses and diseases. But us we get older our bodies is not immune from ageing and we would need to take good care of our bodies. It gets harder to maintain a healthy diet when we age. Here are some of the reasons why older people find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet:
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When you have been part of a family over many years and then you are suddenly on your own, you lose your appetite in eating and the thought of preparing food can lose its value. Mental Health: Some old people could have a form of dementia which could let them forget to eat. Physical disability: Physical disability can prevent an older person to go to the grocery and buy healthy food. Medication: This can cause the loss in their appetite. Finances There are many old people who does not have that much money and this can cause them to not eat a healthy diet. Here are the common health issues of older people: Malnutrition Malnutrition is caused by having a poor diet. Micro nutrient deficiencies Micro nutrient deficiencies are often common in older people due their reduced food intake and a lack of vitamins in the food that they eat. Obesity If our body has more energy that is not used we will become overweight. As people get older they have less activities so this could cause obesity. Mouth and Teeth The changes in the mouth and teeth can make it hard for chewing food, can cause dryness to the mouth and taste. The fitting of the dentures, the sensitivity of the taste buds is lower and enlargement of tongue. Swallowing Difficulties This can be a problem to older persons who particularly suffered from a stroke. Constipation When you have a poor diet it could cause constipation. This can be helped by increasing fluid intake and eating food that are rich in fiber. Muscle and Bone Disorders As we get older we lose mobility and manual dexterity. Muscle and bone disorder can be avoided by eating food that are rich in calcium and exercising everyday.

Writen by Bradford Todd