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Curing Erectile Dysfunction

An incident where a man has a problem with his sexual performance in the bedroom is called an erectile dysfunction or male impotence. As a man gets older then they are prone to getting erectile dysfunction, but this doesn’t mean that it is a normal part of aging. This is sadly one of the most frequent sicknesses involving a person’s sexual performance.

A man can get hard when there is something that gets his blood pumping from experiencing something he likes from one or all of his senses. Blood rushes to the male organ when chemicals and signals coming from the brain reacts to the stimulation. The effect of blood rushing and getting trap around a male organ is what scientifically causes an erection.

There are many factors that can cause ED that has to do with your lifestyle. Blood is a very important part of getting an erection and this is a cause when a man gets erectile dysfunction. ED occurs when a man’s private organ was traumatized by an event like surgery, radiation and other physical stress. Some medications that a man can take may cause ED. ED can also be the outcome of some physical abuse that had happened to an individual. Stress can also be a factor in ED. Other injuries that may cause ED can be injuries involving the spinal cord and nerves. Erectile dysfunction may occur when men generally lack sleep due to a sickness or perhaps a past trauma in their childhood. Men who experience premature ejaculation can gain additional stress in their lives and may experience ED as well. Men who are not physically active are most likely to get ED as well. Activities that are strenuous to a male’s organ like riding bikes can add to the probability of getting erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can occur with men who have a hormonal imbalance and a low testosterone level. Sadly, if a man doesn’t get enough sex, then they are prone to getting ED.

It is very important for the doctor to know a man’s medical history and do a thorough examination so they can pin point what exactly cause the erectile dysfunction. As mentioned, blood flow to the male organ is important, so doing an ultrasound to test this would need to be done. Biothesiometry is a test that determines how sensitive a man’s organ is. In addition to that, blood tests would be done to check on the other factors like diabetes or hormones.

One can help prevent erectile dysfunction from happening just by minimizing their vices or stopping altogether. You can counter erectile dysfunction by simply getting off that couch and start moving. Sicknesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol should be monitored so you can control this. People who get ED because of some emotional or mental trauma should seek out help from a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Your doctor may suggest different kinds of surgeries and therapies as well, depending on what the cause is of your erectile dysfunction.

One can go to a specialist to help them treat this sickness and it would be easier to fix if the patient is open and accepting.

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Writen by Bradford Todd