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Health Benefits of Xylitol Gum Xylitol is known widely due to its numerous benefits to the human body. However, its popularity grew the moment it started being inserted in products such as toothpastes, candy, and gum which has become extremely popular in the world. In this article we are going to look at the numerous health benefits of this gum and why you should start using it in place of your regular gums. Let us look at reasons behind this popularity and why you should join the rest of the people. The first benefit of xylitol gum is that it is all natural and can be found in various fruits. Your own body also produces a significant amount of the mineral depending on several factors. However, the fact that our bodies might require a little bit more is the reason why we have the xylitol gum. It helps you avoid the health risks that come with unhealthy sugars in the body. The chemical composition of xylitol is much stronger compared to other sugars. The sugar does not break down like other sugars and is effective in maintaining a neutral PH level in the mouth. The fact that they are hard to break down means bacteria will be deprived of food which makes them stronger. The resultant situation will be reduced numbers of bacteria. With no acid to decay the teeth, you will be able to enjoy strong and healthy teeth for long.
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Apart from preventing tooth decay, xylitol also helps in repairing damaged enamel. It helps achieve this through enhancing production of saliva which is more alkaline and rich in calcium and phosphate salts. Saliva that has a high alkaline content is usually rich in calcium and phosphate salts that are the main ingredients used in strengthening weak enamel.
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People suffering from diabetes can also use it as a good substitute to avoid increasing their blood sugar levels. The xylitol gum does not pose any threat to such patients since it won’t lead to increased blood sugar levels. On the hand, 40% less calories would also be good news to those watching their weight. The only challenge with xylitol gum is watching your dosage. In a single day, children’s dosage should only go as far as 45g while that of adults’ ranges from 150 to 200 grams. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that the consumption lasts an entire day since we always have bacteria in our mouth almost every single time. It is the only way the xylitol will be effective in fighting germs. Denying them the slightest opportunity to manifest themselves is the best way to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Nothing can be as easy as chewing gum to stay healthy.

Writen by Bradford Todd