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Smokers New Sensation – e-Cigarettes Smoking campaigns have been the highlight for decades now to convince smokers to quit but the problem is, smoking has become a habit that is very hard to remove from a person’s system. The perseverance of the companies to manufacture new products that will be a smoking cessation is there even after few years already. Nicotine patches has been replaced with nicotine gums just to help quit smoking as a habit. The product electronic cigarette or also called e-cigarettes and electronic cigarettes has been released in the market to help stop smoking. They are really similar to a regular cigarette that can emit artificial smoke and used as a regular stick but the only difference is that it doesn’t contain any tobacco at all. The e-cigar has a nicotine vapour but is safe since it doesn’t contain any carcinogens unlike that of a regular stick that can cause harm to the person using it and to the people inhaling the smoke. There is a cartridge inside an electronic cigar that contains liquid nicotine. Inside an e-cigarette is a tiny battery powered atomizer that is responsible for the conversion of liquid nicotine into vapour. The nicotine liquid once inhaled will only stay for seconds but if you are to use a regular cigarette that will have to take minutes. An orange glow from a small LED light tip of your e-cigarette is being simulated to a real cigarette. These nicotine cartridges also come in various strengths. There are three strengths associated in an e-cigarette and these are full, half and minimal strength. This is for those people who want to quit their smoking habits. They just have to gradually reduce the strength of the e-cigarette until the person reaches a point that he just wants to stop smoking.
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The biggest advantage of electronic cigarette is its ability to reduce the inhalation of nicotine but there is also an advantage on the part of the financial side. Comparing the price of e-cigars and cigarettes will show the biggest difference once you stopped smoking for good since you don’t have to buy cigarettes at all and that money can be put into savings. There are cheaper e-cigarettes sold in the market but put in mind to be very vigilant first so as to know that the product you bought is genuine and safe to use.
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A lot of companies have been dealing with this product and trying to improve any detail that they can to convince more smokers to use the product. As time flies, the improvement of e-cigarettes will continue to dominate the market leaving the cigarettes into extinct therefore helping smokers quit smoking.

Writen by Bradford Todd