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Putting An End To Your Head Lice Problem If you could take a look on the available head lice treatments across the globe, you will find out that there are a wide variety of it ranging from homemade remedies to specially made oils and shampoos. Head lice are insects that are tiny enough to hide on the scalp of your head when you are infested. These are spread if a person is in contact with another who has it. Head lice can easily infect one’s hair and it will be able to live for as long as 30 days on your scalp. As they continue to live, you should know for a fact that they might also lay eggs in your hair. The eggs are what we call as nits. Head lice are abundant in overcrowded places, most especially when it comes to schools. The symptoms you experience when infested with lice: You will feel some itch in your scalp.
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Small bumps will be noticed on your scalp, neck and shoulders.
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Tiny white specks can be seen on the bottom tip of your hair which are actually eggs; these specks will be difficult to remove. Below are some homemade head lice treatments that are proven to be effective for years now: How to proceed with your head lice treatment? Fortunately, you can actually find a lot of options available these days and you may pick from home remedies to the various medical treatments that are made available nowadays. Natural lice treatments is about application to your scalp of substances that are found in a typical home for the purpose of getting rid of the lice. Examples of this is making use of the mayonnaise, olive oil, and petroleum jelly. You may want to apply any of these and leave it on your hair overnight. You may use shower caps in order to prevent dripping. As it is not that easy to remove the eggs, you should repeat this process for around ten days. It is highly recommended that you use a nit comb as this is known to get rid of the lice more effectively. This is definitely very useful for those who may have some unwanted reactions to lice shampoo and any other substances that are used for head lice treatment. Nit combs can be purchased from local pharmacy shops and it comes with a reasonable price. You should still keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure, which is why you should keep yourself from any infestation of a head louse.

Writen by Bradford Todd