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Why People Snore and Know What to Do to Remedy the Cause It really is hard to tell if we snore although there are certain times where we get to notice that we do but aside from ourselves, it is always possible that you know of someone, could it be your roommate, who snores and this really is an irritating thing for most of us. Hearing someone snore as you sleep is alright, given that you are not that disturbed and you will still have the chance to have a good night’s sleep but for those who just can’t sleep well when they hear someone snoring, then they should not be worried too much because this can be stopped totally. So that you can stop a person’s snoring for good, it is vital that you will dig deeper until you will get to understand what exactly is it that causes the snoring because this is when you will find the best means to apply the right method to have it stopped. Right off the bat, it is important that you will get to know that male is more likely to experience snoring than women because of the fact that men have narrower air passage but there are some other cases, not gender related, that makes people snore, especially when they just had alcohol, took medication, or has a viral disease.
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While there are cases where snoring is uncontrollable, there are also other cases where it is controllable but aside from that, hereditary plays a major role in snoring as well because if the bloodline produces narrow passage, then regardless the gender, high chances of snoring possibilities will still be at stake. Sinus, allergy, asthma, and colds are just some of the illnesses that also affect snoring greatly or even make snoring worse than it already is.
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To even discuss further about uncontrollable factors, a good example of this would be about a person’s age because it is already a given that when a people age, their air passage gets narrower, hence, why people who age are likely to snore. Controllable factors, on the other hand, include smoking, drinking alcohol, beverage, sleep position, overweight, or is under the influence of medication. So that people will start to get rid of snoring, it is important that they will follow certain key points to ensure that they will stop snoring or reduce the chances of snoring. Losing weight is one of the main things that is responsible for getting rid of snoring because this removes fatty tissues in the back of the throat or you could sleep with an elevated bed or no pillow at all to make it easier to breath. Sleeping on your side is also advisable, and as much as possible, make sure that you will clear your throat before you sleep to reduce chances of snoring.

Writen by Bradford Todd