Tea Tree Oil: The Hardworking Option to Toxic Products

Natural healers have known about tea tree’s benefits for centuries and now the general public is discovering its all-purpose uses. The oil comes from an Australian plant which is from those grown for drinking tea. Sometimes known as melaleuca oil, tea tree oil has a fresh, camphor-like odor and is a natural healing agent. It can be used as everything from a bad breath cure to a safe cleaning agent.

Tea Tree Oil Is Available and Economical

Unlike many herbal or botanical products, tea tree oil is affordable and easily found in stores and online, at popular retailers like Amazon.com. There are many high-quality products like the tea tree oil value pack produced by Apothecary Extracts. Along with carefully-manufactured products, customers get a free eBook with over 50 ways to use their oil. Since it is almost always heavily diluted, even a standard 4-ounce bottle goes a long way.

Tea Tree Oil Eases Health Conditions

Customers can use the oil to help treat colds, clear sore throats and create natural hand sanitizers. Because it can irritate the skin if applied full strength, most formulas recommend diluting it with water, coconut oil or other healthy additives. Tea tree oil can kill bacteria, so it is often added to steam, to help ease the headaches and stuffy noses of colds and flus. Gargling with the oil with warm water helps sore throats or can even freshen breath. It can be added to cuts or scrapes, to ward off infection and used to cure foot fungus.

Tea Tree Oil Creates Safe Cleaners

Many shoppers use tea tree oil to create safe, healthy alternative to harsh cleaning agents. It may be mixed with baking soda and used to disinfect diaper pails and stop mildew growth. A mixture of tea tree oil, vinegar and water also creates a safe, healthy disinfectant spray cleaner for any surface. It will clean washing machines and freshen clothes when added to a dryer ball. The oil can even be used to fight garden mildew.

The traditional Australian tea tree oil that natives have long used as an all-purpose health and cleaning aid is now found everywhere. It can be bought online from fine sellers that include information about how to use it to create safe natural healing agents, fresheners, and disinfectants.

Writen by Bradford Todd