Taking Care of the Spine Affects Overall Health

The body has a complex network of nerves that helps control all bodily functions from muscle contractions to bladder control to sexual activity. While many people who suffer from back pain may have problems walking or lifting light loads, back pain can also affect other functions of the body, which most people are not aware. Many people don’t equate their back pain with numbness they may be having in their feet or hands, dropping things or the inability to get aroused. However, these symptoms can be an indication of a previous injury or deterioration of the spine.

A healthy spine is the key to a healthy body and chiropractic care, along with exercise, is the best way to keep the spine healthy. Exercising can build up muscles in the abdomen and back that helps to provide a support structure for the spine and joints. Aerobic and cardiovascular exercise can work in conjunction with chiropractic treatments to better the patient’s overall health by keeping muscles toned, improve circulation and promoting better eating habits. Along with regular exercise, regular chiropractic care can also help reduce nerve irritation and reduce the chances of pinched nerves or pressure on the nerves.

Lower back pain is a common complaint when people visit their doctor, but that pain can be reduced or eliminated through chiropractic treatments. Treatments involve manual manipulation of the spine that can help keep joints from being stiff and painful and help straighten the spine, which can help prevent pinched and irritated nerves. As Dr. Manfred Alkhas states in his practice mission statement, the goal is to provide “natural, drug free, and non-surgical treatments to enhance healing and health.” That can be achieved through a treatment plan involving exercise and chiropractic care.

Even if people don’t have back pain, they may visit a chiropractic clinic because they want to use holistic medicine to stay healthy. Chiropractors not only use spinal manipulation to treat someone, but they may incorporate nutritional changes, acupuncture, aromatherapy or other holistic medicines to help their patients be their healthiest and because spinal care and being healthy goes hand in hand.

Writen by Bradford Todd