Born to guide Humanity

It’s been stated the people is at the time of the transformative change. As time continues, youngsters are entering this physical reality retaining the conscious spiritual understanding who and what they’re. Which change has been heralded in through the indigo children. Indigo youngsters are the “players” and “trailblazers” from the modern. So that as these indigo children come old, not one of them gets possibly more attention than Teal Scott. Nick named -The Spiritual Catalyst-, Teal Scott has received both attention and devotion in the spiritual community because the discharge of her first book -The Artist on the horizon-. Like the majority of children born with psychic ability within the 1980’s, her gifts weren’t viewed as capabilities, but instead as illness. She was identified by traditional researchers with physical integration disorder when she displayed synaesthesia, reported seeing -energy- and shown extreme hypersensitivities. She shown such extremely strong extrasensory capabilities actually that they caught the interest of the Christian cult within the rural town where Teal was elevated. She was inducted into this cult and it was tortured sexually, psychologically, physically, and psychologically for 13 years before getting away right after her nineteenth birthday. The abuse didn’t actually make her abandon her capabilities (because it was meant to make her do). It’s rather offered to help fuel her intention to carry on on which she calls her -intended path- a way of utilizing the capabilities that have been the reason for the torture she suffered growing up to assist others achieve … Read More