What Exactly Are Ethical Extensions

Discover the True and Ethical Price of Putting on Extensions

Extensions can provide you with an attractive locks. However, some ethical questions surround the procurement of hair accustomed to create them.

Extensions really are a easy method to add volume to loss hair, cover small bald spots or add inches for your hair with amazing results. However, some negativity surrounding extensions has appeared recently concerning the dishonest origin of real hair utilized in some extensions.

“Any hair that’s voluntarily given is ethical. Hair that’s obtained from people against their will or not understanding the explanation for it, I say is dishonest,” describes Ron King, L”Oreal Professionnel stylist and spokesperson, who owns Bo Salon in Austin and creator of Invisi-Tab Extensions.

May be the hair inside your extensions gathered ethically?

In 2004, the deputy director of Moscow’s Center for Prison Reform reported that wardens were shaving criminals heads and selling your hair to earn extra cash. And also the practice is not just restricted to prisons. In the last decade, several tales have circulated about hair being obtained from asylum patients, from kids as well as in the dead.

In Hindu society, many males, ladies and children sacrifice their head of hair within the tonsuring process at least one time within their lives being an offering towards the deities. Tonsure within the Hindu culture serves multiple reasons in a variety of events like a symbol to exhibit a person’s passion for the gods. In certain temples, site visitors shave their heads … Read More