Spider Webs On Your Skin for Spider Veins?

You may have recently looked at your legs and wondered why it looks like red spider webs on your legs. These are called spider veins and look similar to varicose veins. You may have also seen this same appearance on your skin in your chest or face area.

Spider veins happen for a few reasons. It can be from a backup of blood, hormone changes or prolonged exposure to the sun or injury. Being overweight also puts a great deal of stress on your veins and could possible end up as varicose veins. Spider veins are small purple, red or blue and are just below the surface of the skin.

The good news is spider veins can be removed easily. There are normally two different types of removal; they are Sclerotherapy and surface laser treatments.

Sclerotherapy is the most common type of procedure for varicose veins but normally does not work on spider veins. A small needle is inserted into your vein. A solution is injected into your vein to collapse the vein. Sclerotherapy needs to be performed by a skilled doctor or sclerotherapist. Improper injection could cause serious health issues.

spider vein laser removal can treat spider veins. Light energy from a laser is used to target the spider vein. It heats it up and seals it shut. Your body will actually absorb the vein and the vein will disappear.

If you don’t address a spider vein issue, sometimes varicose veins can appear. Varicose veins become very large and swollen on your legs. They develop from a valve not closing properly in your leg and blood refilling the vein after it has tried to pump blood to the heart.

Spider veins can sometimes indicate a medical problem. You need to get them checked and diagnosed for the cause of them. Sometimes it is just from damage to the surface of your skin and sometimes it is due to the veins having a venous insufficiency.

If you have spider veins in your legs or face, have them checked by a specialist. It may be just a minor cause or your body could be telling you there is something wrong. You can have the spider veins removed safely with laser treatment as a non-invasive procedure.

Writen by Bradford Todd