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Why You Should Know About Hearing Loss When it comes to hearing loss, it can be divided to three types which is the conductive, sensorineural, and the mix of those two. The conductive hearing loss is basically the hearing impairment due to the fact that sound is not being able to travel into the middle ear. While inner ear and cranial nerve does play a role in sensorineural hearing loss, this type is mostly about one’s brain and if their central processing systems has been damaged or had already deteriorated. Mixed hearing losses contains the symptoms and problems for both sensorineural and the conductive symptoms or problems. The sensorineural type of hearing loss is basically something that can occur at a young age. Also, this type of hearing loss is considered to be mostly caused by one’s genes, but some cases were also proved that certain things during or after one’s birth can cause this. If someone has sensorineural hearing loss and it’s not genetic, it’s most likely because of trauma during and after their own birth as an infant. Hearing loss on infants can also happen if they came out prematurely since there’s a huge chance that their brains might not be fully developed yet. For older people, it’s most likely the conductive hearing impairment. For this kind of hearing loss, foreign objects such as marble or beads can certainly prevent one from being able to hear properly as long as such objects are inside their ear. It’s also a fact that people who doesn’t take care of their ears would have the conductive type of hearing loss soon. If you’re having such problems and is resulting in your conductive hearing loss, then be sure to have it treated medically before it’s too late.
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Since the brain function will eventually deteriorate as you grow old, people will eventually have their own sensorineural symptoms for hearing loss. Developing hearing loss over time is also something that can be influenced by outside or external factors. For example, hearing loud noises every time can certainly impair one’s hearing ability. The effect of loud sounds and noises basically kills the nerve endings in your inner ear. Loud sounds can kill a lot of nerve endings even if you’ve still got hundreds of it.
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Hearing loss can also be caused by high frequency sounds. However, even if the loud noises or sounds are not around you any more, being diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss means that it will still progress. Also, since it’s something that includes the brain, this kind of hearing impairment is already permanent and can’t be reversed.

Writen by Bradford Todd