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Erectile Dysfunction And Its Revolving Facts

Whenever a male sex organ is not able to maintain its erect state in the process of intercourse during or before the actual activity happens, it is called impotence or erectile dysfunction. Most of the worlds population have been affected by impotence or erectile dysfunction, as most experts believed almost all major countries in the world have this problems among male population.

Despite the fact that a large number of male population have erectile dysfunction, they still differ in effects on each of the affected person. The cases of men affected by erectile dysfunction differ in three ways, first is the zero erection case where no erection takes place, second is when an affected male gets an erection but not most of the time and the third is when an erection is achieved but will not last.

The process of erection happens when a stimulus is introduced into the brain by sexual and seductive acts causing the muscles inside the phallus to relax and allow the flow of blood into it. The blood flowing freely to the male sex organ is what causes the erection. A sustained erection is caused by the trapped blood in the phallus which is held in by the tensed muscles and forced to stay in the corpora cavernosa maintaining it contained until the sexual act is completed. Once the corpora cavernosa muscle contracts, the blood inflow will stop and the phallus will lose the currently erect state.

The normal age range of men affected by erectile dysfunction or impotence is fifty plus but in some cases it could happen at an earlier age. Most of the physical condition and factors that will result in erectile dysfunction or impotence to most men arise in the later years of their life and it can vary in a lot of ways depending on each case of the affected men. There are a lot of factors contributing to erectile dysfunction or impotence among men at a younger age and most of these contributing factors are at a psychological level, often caused by stressing situations, anxiety in a massive level, depression within the family or relationship and other forms of psychological downsides.

If you are doubting yourself right now if you are part of this male population having erectile dysfunction or impotence, try to recall if you are having erection problems at an early age or at the present, if not then there is no need to worry about it. It is not wise to abruptly conclude that you are experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence whenever you are unable to sustain your erection at times or are unable to do so, since it could be that you are just overly worked out and tired to proceed with having sexual intercourse. The moment that these erectile dysfunction or impotence symptoms you are experience reaches a three month period in a repeated state, then that would be the time that you are going to be alarmed.

Writen by Bradford Todd