Short Course on Juice – What You Need To Know

Important Things You Should Know If This is Your First Time Buying E Liquids or E Juices

If you’ve just recently heard of the e-cigarettes and e-liquids (the solution the e-cigarettes use which comes in various flavours and sometimes with nicotine) or you want to learn some more of how these things work, then this is just the perfect guide that you need to keep in mind.

What makes up an e-liquid?

The main ingredients that makes up almost every e-liquids that are currently sold in the market are Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), nicotine, and assorted flavorings. E-liquids can be bought in 10mL bottles in the market unless you’re getting the samples packs which comes in 5mL bottles and are being used to fill the container of an e-cigarette.

As a beginner, which e-liquid is best to use?

There are actually quite a lot of flavors available that you can choose from which is good because with this, it will satisfy whatever taste and preference you have. From popular drink flavors like strawberry, mint, cola, to chocolate, and various tobacco types, you can definitely choose whichever flavor you fancy trying first. If this is just your first time of trying e-cigarette, then you should choose those that come in smaller bottles if you want to try out a flavor just in case you don’t really like it. You need to understand that retailers will never accept any returns just because that particular flavor does not fit your taste.

It is also important that you know how to choose the right flavor as well as the strength before trying your e-cigarette. E-liquids that are said to be with high strength contains as much as 36mg of nicotine, while you can get e-liquids for as low as 6mg if you choose those with low strength. If you choose one that is too strong for you and this is your first time trying it, you will most likely feel dizzy, and maybe even sick, just like what you may feel when trying out a real tobacco for the first time. Moreover, if you’ve already cut down your nicotine intake, you can always choose those e-liquids that contains 0% nicotine.

How safe is e-liquid?

If you can just handle it properly and in the way that manufacturer has clearly explained in their instructions, then there is absolutely no reason for you to believe that it isn’t safe. Although it hasn’t been reported that e-liquids and e-cigarettes are way healthier than having to smoke real tobacco as there is no study performed on this that proves it yet, it would still be safe to assume that if you take in less nicotine, tobacco, and various chemicals, then you’ll be healthier than otherwise.

Writen by Bradford Todd