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Self-hate is a very harmful thing to some one’s personal life; it makes someone lose good jobs and even the families’ crash when someone suffers from this. In the current world we are living in it is very hard always to be appreciative of all that happens in our day to day life. Co-workers, friends and what you say but you will be a big determinant on how you love yourself. The failures in your life might be a reason for you to look back and see is a failure at times. Low self-esteem comes about when you do not learn to appreciate yourself, even with a funny comment from a friend or keep on dwelling on little things that end up ruining all you up.

People who are suffering from this stuff lead someone to have more problems and even mostly get involved in drug abuse and alcohol problems. because of not believing in one’s person then you find this person accepting to work in places where the working conditions are bad. The life of such people is not always the best. Unless you learn to love yourself then nothing really can change in your life. When someone attends an alcohol rehab program they are shown the best way to love themselves. low self-esteem comes when you do not have self-love. Having low self-esteem may be caused by many things which of them sometimes come from out previous life even from our lives when we were young.

When maybe you grew up in a family where violence was part of your life you end up having low self-esteem. When you grow up in a family that does not have money you end up lacking a lot until thinking you don’t deserve having anything of value. Some other way that someone can suffer such self-hate is in work places. Getting a dismissal from your work place not cause you to have a low self-esteem.

Being content in life is the best way someone can be comfortable in life. Changing how we think cannot happen over just hours or overnight. Change is a slow process that needs you as the victim to put an effort in it. Many methods can be used to get you self-esteem to a level higher than before. The art of waiting should be a part of your life to make sure that you acquire what you want in life. Giving a tap on your own back is a good way of starting to appreciate the work you do and the effort you put. Pray when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and tell that person you look at in the mirror that you are going to make it and be great.

Writen by Bradford Todd