Residential Treatment Programs Can Help Troubled Teen Girls

There are many pressures young girls face in society today. Often, young teen girls are bombarded with all sorts of social pressures that cause them to make poor life decisions. Young girls are often vulnerable to their peers and can be deeply influenced by them. When teens begin exhibiting defiant behavior, failing in school, and experimenting with drugs and alcohol, outside help may be needed. Through a residential treatment program, girls can discover the issues that are holding them back in life so they can begin to make positive changes that will carry over into their adult lives.

Sedona Sky is a residential treatment program for teen girls ages 13 to 18. They operate under the Arizona Office of Behavioral Health and are accredited through AdvanceED. These organizations carefully monitor residential treatment programs to ensure they meet their strict standards of excellence.

Sedona Sky works to ensure the mental, behavioral, and social issues girls are experiencing are fully addressed. They also offer a structured educational experience that allows teens to continue their education so they do not grow behind as they would in some rehab and treatment programs. Each day is filled to the brim with the perfect balance of therapy, education, and fun.

The Sedona Sky campus is situated in the Verde Valley of central Arizona. Teen girls experience the beauty of the outdoors while exercising, playing and reflecting on their lives. Communing with nature is a big part of the Sedona Sky experience. Experts have found nature therapy can prove beneficial in helping teens to overcome the mental health obstacles that are holding them back from living an effective life.

Sedona Sky features three mansions where girls live in dorms. The home away from home experience is conducive to healing and allows teens to work together toward the common goal of becoming successful young ladies.

If you would like to learn more about Sedona Sky’s residential treatment program, visit Sedona Sky Academy in person or through the website. They will be glad to help you in making the best decision for your daughter. Feel free to call them right away for help and guidance.

Writen by Bradford Todd