Remember To Schedule Your Yearly Health and Dental Check-Ups

It is important to schedule yearly check-ups with both your doctor and your dentist. At your yearly doctor exam, your doctor will make sure you are healthy. By reviewing your history and doing a physical exam, your doctor can detect early signs of any health problems. Remember to also see your dentist every year. At your yearly exam, your dentist can clean your teeth and check up on your oral health. Your dentist can identify early signs of gum disease and oral cancers during the exams.

During your annual exam, your doctor will go through many steps to make sure you are in good health. First, he will review your history. This is a great time to tell your doctor about any complaints or concerns you have. It is also a good time to provide your doctor with any new pertinent family medical history.

After going over your history, your physical exam will begin. First, your doctor will check your vital signs. High and low blood pressure or heart rate reading can signify other health issues. Next, your doctor will check your heart to make sure it is beating regularly. Then, your doctor will listen to your lungs. Trouble breathing can indicate heart or lung problems.

When you open your mouth to say “ah”, your doctor is able to check out your throat, tonsils, teeth and gums all at once. There are many methods your doctor can use to check your abdominal area to make sure all your internal organs are functioning correctly. Additionally, your doctor will check your muscles, reflexes and skin. It may feel like your doctor is only performing simple tasks at your yearly exam. However, all of these simple examination techniques allow him to detect and prevent future problems.

After you have your yearly physical exam, follow up with a visit to your dentist. First, your dentist will clean your teeth. This preventative measure will help keep your teeth healthy. Next, your dentist will take x-rays of your mouth. Your x-rays will allow your dentist to detect any potential future problems. Then, your dentist will exam your mouth. They will check the health of your gum’s and surrounding tissue to make sure you do not have the early signs of gingivitis or periodontist. Visit the Infinite Dental Wellness website to learn more about preventative dental care and annual exams.

Writen by Bradford Todd