Reaping the Benefits of Tea Tree Shampoo

Shampooing your hair with harsh chemicals found in conventional shampoos can cause skin conditions, dry out your natural scalp oils, and trigger allergies and other scalp ailments. Dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, lice, and dry scalp are all conditions that can be helped with tea tree oil. This essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree which is native to Australia.

If you have a scalp condition, tea tree oil shampoo is the most natural way to treat it. The following will cover the benefits of using 100 percent pure, pharmaceutical grade Australian tea tree essential oil shampoo products.

Dandruff – If you experience problems with dandruff, shampoo with tea tree oil in it will help you get rid of the problem. Whether your dandruff is caused by dry scalp, eczema, or another scalp condition, you will find this to be a safe, natural, and chemical-free solution. One of the reasons conventional shampoos do not help with dandruff is that they tend to dry out the scalp and prevent natural scalp oils from protecting your skin and hair.

Itchy Scalp – If you experience pesky itching scalp, you may have a fungus or dry skin problem. Itchy scalp can be related or unrelated to dandruff. 100 percent tea tree oil in a natural shampoo will help relieve the itch almost immediately and reduce the problem whether it’s chronic or acute.

Lice – Head lice tend to get passed around in schools during certain times of the year. If you or your child get lice, tea tree oil will help get rid of them and their eggs. Even serious infestations can be treated with a shampoo containing this essential oil. You don’t need chemicals to kill lice. If you use this kind of natural shampoo regularly, you can prevent lice.

Even if you have no scalp or skin problems, shampoo with tea tree oil will help make your hair shinier, more manageable, and it won’t strip your natural oil or your hair color. You can make your own soap and shampoo with 100 percent pure tea tree oil and reap the benefits of your own formula. It all starts with the right products and the desire to live a chemical-free life.

Writen by Bradford Todd