Options for Scar Removal Depend on the Type, Severity, and Location of the Scar

Every injury that breaks tissue results in a scar, but most of the time, they don’t end up being visible or are at least very small. Still, there will be exceptions to the rule every so often. Whether these exceptions come from accidents like falls, from surgeries, or from even less pleasant events, you may decide that you want to get rid of the scar so that it looks like nothing ever happened.

One of the biggest factors that determines whether people will seek scar removal is the location of the scar. One across the face will be a big target of removal efforts, while one on the bottom of the foot will likely be ignored unless it causes pain. Scars in other areas of the body will be treated according to the bearer’s priorities – one person may find a scar across the back to be something to show off and brag about, while another will rush to a plastic surgeon to get rid of theirs.

Once the decision has been made to get rid of a scar, a person will find that there are several options. Some can be treated with laser scar removal, which burns off the outer part of the scar while tightening the underlying skin. An older method for mild scars is dermabrasion, which grinds the scar down. The laser method results in faster healing, but both methods can greatly reduce the visibility of scars.

For surgical scars that result from procedures requiring deep incisions, topical treatments may not be enough to sufficiently minimize their appearance. In these cases, plastic surgeons can do surgical scar revisions. Plastic surgery can’t fully eliminate a scar since cutting one out will just result in a new one from the healing process, so surgeons instead work to make the scar blend in better. This works especially well when the scar can be made to follow the low point of a wrinkle, skin fold, or other such bodily feature. Even so, scars that go across such dips are not hopeless. Cosmetic surgeons and other professionals are often very artistic and can bring about amazing results.

Writen by Bradford Todd