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How to Check Your Potential Dentist’s Credentials If you’re searching for a dentist, you first concern must be you prospect’s credentials and skills. This has to come before your first consultation. Fortunately, online research and a few phone calls are all that will be necessary. First of all, before you check a dentist’s credentials, you should know what exact credentials he’s claiming to have. Begin by checking out his website. Go to his About page and see what school he went to and what year he finished his dental education. If this information can’t be found on the website, look for a clinic phone number, make that call and ask. Although most dentists are transparent about their edecational background, there some who aren’t. Dishonest dentists are banking on most patients never bothering to verify their credentials. Don’t think it’s okay to take chances. Call the dental school’s registrar to know what you have to know. Most are eager to provide help. Otherwise, check with the National Student Clearhouse website (there’s a small fee but it’s worth it).
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However, a valid degree from a specific college is still not all you want to know about a dentist’s credentials. Many colleges are mere “degree or diploma mills,” which means they give people degrees for a fee and don’t offer any education. Every year, these institutions churn out about 30,000 faux post-graduate degrees.
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Some college provide an academic program, but have failed to meet rigorous requirements which are necessary in proving themselves as quality education providers. Hence, you need to make sure the school actually exists and is accredited. On the website of the US Department of Education is a list of all accredited academic institutions across the country. In terms of licensing and as you probably know, all dentists must possess a license before they can practice. Although the requirements vary from state to state, a license is needed to legally put up a practice. To make sure your dentist has one, call your state agency. This information is usually displayed on these agencies’ websites. You may also verify through phone or mail. There are other things you have to consider when choosing a dentist, such as location of the clinic, the fees, your dental insurance, and so on. However, you must always consider credentials as your priority consideration. Normally, when you’re considering someone who has been referred by a person you trust, you wouldn’t go these lengths to verify credentials. But if you’re new in town or if you got your prospects straight from the Yellow Pages or an online directory, you would always want to double-check. Oral health affects your overall health in big ways, and you don’t want anyone less than a qualified professional.

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