Neurofeedback Treatment from a CT ADHD Dr Can Offer Better Results than Medications

If you or your child suffer from attention deficit disorder, you are likely constantly struggling to lessen the symptoms of the disease and to make daily life easier. ADD and ADHD can make school, work and normal daily functions much more difficult and challenging than for other people who don’t have the disorder. Medications are commonly prescribed to help people with ADD manage their symptoms, but these medicines often cause unpleasant side effects. However, there are currently other methods for treating ADD that offer positive results. Some research has shown that receiving neurofeedback treatment from a ct adhd dr can be an effective way to treat ADD.

Attention deficit disorder can cause a lot of problems and difficult during normal life. People with ADD are typically hyperactive, don’t pay attention well and have problems with self-control. There are a multitude of symptoms that are associated with the disorder, including:

  • Problems with focusing or avoiding distractions
  • Difficulty with following directions or listening to others
  • Becoming angry or irritable easily
  • Inattention to details or plans
  • Excessive speech or physical movement
  • Interrupting others
  • Losing interest in an activity before it is complete
  • Refusal to wait in line or to let others take a turn during an activity

There are multiple different types of medication available to help people with ADD. Unfortunately, many of these drugs can have harmful or unpleasant side effects. Some of these effects include trouble sleeping, digestive issues, dry mouth and mood changes. One treatment for ADD, however, involves retraining the brain to function properly. Your bran has more than one type of brain wave when you are awake. A person with ADD has too many theta waves, which make you feel tired and disconnected, and not enough beta waves, which help you concentrate and engage with your surroundings. By using neurofeedback, a person can learn to control and change their brain waves in a productive way. No medicine is involved in this treatment, and it does not cause any harmful side effects.

People who suffer from ADD can face a lot of challenges and difficulty in their lives. While some medicines exist to help ADD symptoms, they often cause bad side effects. Non-medicinal treatments like neurofeedback can offer excellent, life-long results without complications.

Writen by Bradford Todd