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Introduction to Stock Photography Stock Photography Stock photos are a compilation of images that are used by individuals or groups for whatever legitimate purpose they need. Stock photography has helped us in our studies and our careers at least once. Many need stock photos to accomplish certain tasks in their various careers every single day. The need for stock pictures for use in design and marketing has increased in the past few decades, because of the introduction of computers in the 1980’s. People from all walks of life have become increasingly reliant on stock media to fulfill their needs. Ad agencies often require new stock images to remain ahead of their competition in the market. Individuals who work part time regularly search the internet for stock photos to use in their personal projects.
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There are now innumerable choices for people to look for the best stock image for whatever legitimate purpose they will use it.
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Stock Photography NOT Assignment Photography There is a difference between shooting for an assignment and shooting for stock images. A photographer’s time, effort, and equipment is often paid upon delivery of the images in an assignment. The assigned photographer usually follows the contract or agreement with the client, to take only the specified photos. Stock photography works on a different principle than commercial photography, in that a commercial photographer is paid upon completion of the agreement while a stock photographer is paid upon use of his photo. Stock photography has more wider applications than assigned photography. It is easier, for instance, to look for photos for web designs than hire a professional to do the job. Different People May Buy the Same Stock Photo One stock image on file can sell over and over, for as long as there are people who need the image. Publishing houses may buy images for their publications, writers may want to use a stock photo on a book cover, and graphic designers may need graphic designs for their posters. Unique, Relevant, Excellent Quality You can derive better income if the stock image you own is used over and over and continues to sell. If your stock image is unique, relevant, or of excellent quality, there is a good chance that it will live long. Historical events become part of the archives of stock photography. Stock images can also grow old and neglected because of their lack of relevance, uniqueness, and probably poor quality. The need for smaller file sizes is an ongoing challenge to stock photographers to update their equipment to shoot photos with excellent resolution but small files sizes. Making Money out of Stock Photography Posting stock photos online is not a guarantee that they will sell, but the possibility is there that it will. Only time will tell if you have what it takes to be a good stock photographer. It is therefore important that you build a large archive of high quality images, as a good source of alternative income.

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