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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Psychological issues is believed by many to be the root cause of erectile dysfunction problems but, it is important to understand that there are also other root causes of erectile dysfunction problems. One of the other causes of erectile dysfunction in patients is that there might be an intrinsic medical cause.

Here is one example. After being husband and wife for some time, they realized that the former has erectile dysfunction. Troubled and startled about it, the wife encouraged her husband to go see a doctor for check-up. Because he thinks that disclosing to another person that he has erectile dysfunction problem at a young age is embarrassing and humiliating, he did not go to a doctor. Thereafter, the he experienced different symptoms that he did not consider as symptoms that is connected to his erectile dysfunction. Because she felt that it is becoming more and more of a concern as the erectile dysfunction is already heavily affecting their relationship sexually, the wife insisted that he should go visit his doctor. And so, he paid his doctor a visit. When the results were seen after running some tests, it was found out that in his pituitary gland, a tumor is growing and that is the reason why he has testosterone deficiency. The cause of his erectile dysfunction is the tumor in his pituitary gland and when his tumor was removed, so was his erectile dysfunction problems.

Hence, it truly is not just a psychological thing when we say erectile dysfunction. But of course, sometimes, the causes can be stress, depression and other emotional concerns because these affect the man’s libido, it is of utmost importance that if a man is experiencing erectile dysfunction, he immediately consult the help of a health professional because it might be something more.

Many cases of erectile dysfunction is treatable which is why this is a concern that should be confronted heads on. Erectile dysfunction can be easily treated as nowadays, there are many drugs available in the market for it. If the medications that are easily available in the market are not applicable, then there are other means that can be done like implantable penile prosthesis and drugs that are injected directly to the man’s sexual organ. However, if the solutions mentioned does not work, there is what they call a microvascular surgery that can help address erectile dysfunction.

It is understandable that there are still men who refuse to address their erectile dysfunction problems because they are embarrassed but, it is not something to be embarrassed about. What needs to be understood is that most men will eventually experience it and, if experienced, there are a lot of ways to treat for it to be treated and cured.

Writen by Bradford Todd