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US Attorneys: What to Do If You Experience Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is very common, and you have to know your rights as an employee, so even if you’re touched over your clothing, it is still considered a form of sexual assault more than sexual harassment, thus it should be taken seriously. If your instinct tells you that the touch is malicious and you feel uncomfortable, you have to take action and stop it rights then and there before it escalates. It is important to learn how to confront a person who is harassing you to stop what he is doing. Look at the person’s eyes and tell him what he did was inappropriate.

The first time does make you feel sexually offended or you feel malicious intent with the act, don’t hesitate to shout “Stop!” to make sure others can hear it for extra emphasis, and never dare to apologize or make excuses for the actions of the offender because you are a victim of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Remember that sexual harassment is illegal and it should be dealt with right away. It is important to document and report every detail including the time, date, location, what happened, your immediate action, and the response of the harasser. This will be a good reference and evidence to seek legal actions, and if it ever happens to you again or to someone else at work, you’ll have a history to refer to. If touching is involved, be sure to report it right away. It is not good to keep sexual touches and demands on your own, you have to make sure they are all reported. Bear in mind that touching in a sexual manner is already considered a sexual assault. It is important to document the incident and report right away to your management. There is a sexual assault committed if you are touched without your explicit consent, and the person aims to obtain sexual gratification even with just mere touching over your clothing.

It is the right of the victim to call the police and report the incident as a crime if sexual harassment or sexual assault has been done. Never allow guilt or desire to protect the attacker to keep you from having your rights asserted. Never hesitate to file legal charged because you are the victim, and letting it pass the first time may escalate to worse case like rape, or it can also be done to other people in the workplace or even outside the office. If reporting the sexual harassment made the management fire you because the harasser is the boss, you can hire a sexual harassment lawyer to help you fight your rights and best interests. This is a form of illegal termination wherein your company will be facing legal charges since federal laws exist to protect employees from sexual harassment in the workplace, so hire your sexual harassment attorney today!

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