Labia Reduction Tips from Your Local Labiaplasty MD

With over 70% of all surgical interventions happening in the genital area of women, the reduction of the inner labia remains at the top. A labia majora reduction can be stopped by autologous fat injections. The correction of the clitoris may come into question if it protrudes very far from the cover of the labia majora. This is merely a positional correction, which is very often carried out as part of the labiaplasty procedure.

Seeing a Labiaplasty MD is the only way you can successfully have the procedure performed. The external genitals of a woman, referred to as the “clitoris”, is composed of the pubic mound (mons, mons pubis) and the labia. The labia consists of the inner labia and the outer labia. The term “labiaplasty” generally refers to a change in the inner or outer labia’s shape or size.

Before surgery

Before a Labiaplasty your genital area should be completely shaved. The doctor will prescribe a painkiller and an antibiotic. These drugs should be taken according to the instructions given, which usually a few hours before the procedure. Medications that affect blood clotting (i.e., aspirin, warfarin, etc.) should be discontinued after consultation with your physician at least 10 days in advance.

After the operation

Immediately after a labiaplasty or labia reduction, you will stay in post-op for about 30-60 minutes. This period is for monitoring the genital region. After subsequent dressing changes and a bathroom break, you can go home. Overall, you should rest which means not overworking yourself at any point. Please note that you should not even take the car home. Having someone to watch over you for the first day or so would be advisable.

In the first hours after surgery, you should cool the genital region. The following day, a dressing change is performed in the practice usually. You will get additional compresses and wound dressings for other days as well. Antibiotics should be taken for 4 days, and painkillers as needed, but both should be taken at least until the second postoperative day. On the third day, you can shower again, but you should not use any harsh soap until a week after the surgery.

Writen by Bradford Todd